About Us

Small satellite company with big ambitions

A little background...

High quality space products at smallest possible size for best value to our customers

Our customers appreciate the long lifetime, the pointing accuracies and the very small size of our satellites for a cost efficient realization of their objectives. Challenging applications were addressed in missions for innovative - Earth observation (computed tomography, photogrammetry) - telecommunications (Internet of Space, secure communication) - navigation systems and in-orbit tests. Special emphasis is on provision of advanced small satellites, as well as on multi-satellite formation systems for our customers. The high-performance facilities of S4 for small satellite tests are offered also as service. Our customers appreciate the S4 elaborated subsystems and development kits as starting point for their own developments.


Why pico- or nano-satellites ?

Launcher costs have a major impact on the total budget to place a satellite in orbit and scale proportional to the mass delivered. Thus, due to smaller launch costs more invest-ment remains for the satellite.

We take advantage of commercial electronic components. Here in huge commercial markets, by example regarding cellular phones, high performance components with mini-mum power needs were developed. To protect against the hostile space environment, our satellites use advanced fault detection, identification and recovery (FDIR) software to enable long lifetime in orbit.

A traditional satellite provides of course better performance than a small one due to more resources (power, size, …) available. Nevertheless, at the cost of a classical satellite, a fleet of hundreds of pico-satellites can be combined to realize distributed networks for challenging applications. Thus ex-cellent integrated performance by sensor data fusion can be achieved. Advantages are better robustness and fault toler-ance, excellent scalability, higher temporal and spatial reso-lution.